We are delighted to announce that Dr Margaret Moreton has now accepted the role of Executive Director at the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR).

In this role Dr Moreton leads the national Institute as it develops and supports strategic thought leadership, guidance and information, resources, networks and capability across the disaster resilience sector, throughout Australia.

Accepting this role means that we are unable to take on any additional projects at this time.

Leva Resources are still available for purchase here.

What we do

We work with communities, governments, non-government organisations and other agencies to develop strategies, policies, and practical guidance developed to strengthen community resilience. In particular we assist these agencies to work with communities, to strengthen and protect community assets, plan and prepare for emergency events, and recover after an event has passed.
We also directly assist communities, community groups and organisations to plan and prepare for extreme weather events (including fire, flood and cyclone), and for other shocks or stresses.

We provide advice and assistance during the long process of community recovery, strengthening and supporting community based efforts and activities.
Finally, we conduct reviews and identify lessons learned from community-based experiences. We collect and share stories of resilience and recovery, from communities across Australia.
By doing these things, we work to further strengthen the resilience of Australian communities.



We listen to community members and value their lived experience and their local knowledge.



We strengthen community capital by working with communities and groups to identify, understand and then strengthen their assets and capability.



We support connections within and between communities by facilitating introductions and supporting processes that will build on, consolidate and expand these relationships.



We assist communities to plan and prepare for emergencies and other crises, and for community recovery. We assist communities to review their plans, their preparations and their experiences, and to learn from and share those experiences.

What makes us different?

At Leva Consulting:
  • We recognize the inherent resilience of Australian communities.
  • We believe that this resilience is demonstrated every day, and particularly in times of crisis or emergency.
  •  We believe that the community voice must be included whenever community planning or development occurs in relation to emergency events or other crises.
  • We believe that long term and sustainable community resilience requires that the communities ultimately lead their own process of planning, preparation and recovery.
We work with communities and organisations in ways that support them to participate in and ultimately to lead their local processes of emergency preparation, planning, and recovery. We encourage communities to engage inclusively, involving as many community members as possible during this process. We review emergency related projects and processes in order to share what has been experienced and learned through experience. In this way we continue to improve the success of preparation, planning and recovery effort, into the future.

How can we help your community or organisation?

We would love to work with your community or organisation if you need to plan or prepare for, recover from, or review your disaster experiences, processes, or plans. We can assist you whether you want to be ready for a crisis, or to learn from your experience of an emergency that has already affected your community. To make contact with us, please provide your details and a brief outline of the support you seek.
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We have established relationships with the following communities and organisations as we work to create a resilient Australia.

Ongoing Leadership and Advisory Roles

Executive Committee Member, Australasian Women in Emergencies (AWE)
Member, Disaster Resilience Education Strategy Group (AIDR)
Member, Victorian Advisory Group (IAP2)