March 2021

Reflections for International Women’s Day 2021

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As we approach International Women’s Day in 2021, gender issues across Australia are in the limelight and it isn’t pretty. Allegations of sexual misconduct and rape – with alleged perpetrators on both major ‘sides’ of politics. Women are still under represented in leadership positions in most sectors and the pay gap […]

November 2020

‘Big Weather and How to Survive it’ – ABC series (2020)

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The ABC has produced a fantastic introductory resource for anyone who wants to learn about big or extreme weather and how to survive it.  This three part series has been well put together and I’m delighted to see familiar faces being included and interviewed.  This has me wondering … What would it take to generate a sense of […]

October 2020

Western Queensland Floods – another community story

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People like Susan are why I do what I do.  I’m am delighted to be linked in with these resilient Australians.  The floods of February 2019 were apalling, and devastated vast regions of Western Queensland – with the region looking very much like an inland sea.

6 months after the floods the Western Queensland Primary Health Network […]

September 2020

August 2019

May 2019

Trauma and children (2019)

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Nicola Palfrey and her team at Emerging Minds have developed an outstanding resource for parents, teachers and others who want to understand how trauma (including the experience of natural disaster) affects children.  It is well worth looking at their website for more information.

April 2019

Further work with NSW communities – enhancing disaster preparedness and resilience

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Dr Moreton will again work with the Foundation of Rural and Regional Renewal in 2019.  We are continuing to support communities across NSW who have been participating in the FRRR pilot program to co-design an approach to developing disaster preparedness and resilience. Together with our partners, including the University of Sydney and the NSW Office […]

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