Yesterday I picked up the hard copy proof for my long awaited ‘Our Community’ cards.

These cards are based on current research about community resilience and disaster recovery. The resource includes 2 sets of cards; one based on key questions that support communities to address issues of community leadership, social and community connectedness, connection to history and place, personal and household resilience, ability to take action, knowledge and wisdom and the need to address challenges and opportunities; and the other based on images that inspire. reflection and conversation in the same domains.

These cards can be used by educators, consultants, emergency services, community organisations, governments – in fact anyone who is seeking to enhance community resilience and support strong community preparedness, planning and recovery in the face of emergency events or disasters.

This resource will also enable community led preparedness and recovery and can be used by community groups, local councils, emergency services or governments. Printing is now underway and my next challenge is to enable my website so that people can pay and order online. This has been in development for a long time and I’m excited to be close to making this resources available to communities and organisations across Australia.