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This page includes various forms of digital content produced by or including Dr Margaret Moreton and Leva Consulting.
It includes podcasts, videos, and conferences or other presentations. 

Dr Margaret Moreton reads a story of community-led disaster resilience – the future imagined.

Part of the ANZ Disaster Management Conference 2020

Date: 1 October 2020

In this video, Dr Margaret Moreton reads a story of community-led disaster resilience as told through the eyes of a teenager (Emily) from the future – the year 2025.  This story is based on two principles: ‘begin with the end in mind’, and ‘you can’t create something if you can’t imagine it’.   Dr Moreton has written an outline which demonstrates the possibility that community led disaster resilience is in place, and governments and others provide support and assistance in ways that actually places communities in the centre.

This story places these questions clearly on the table:

  1. How would we (governments, business, the NGO sector, and communities themselves) approach  disasters differently, if we could design the future now?
  2. What would this future look like?
  3. How do we change so that we support communities more effectively to build their own resilience?

Length: 24.25

Dr Margaret Moreton speaks with Renae Hanvin of Corporate2Community

Part of Renae’s Corporate2Community Podcast Series

Date: September 2020

Renae Hanvin (Corporate2Community) talks with Dr Margaret Moreton about the centrality of community in any attempt to develop disaster preparation, recovery or resilience. Renae and Margaret discuss what needs to change if Australia is to become more effective and responsive in the face of increasingly devastating and frequent disaster events. Margaret advocates for the urgency of focusing more clearly on communities and community leadership, and building our approaches to better support community resilience.

Length: 33:28

Dr Margaret Moreton launches the National Handbook for Community Engagement for Disaster Resilience

An Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience (AIDR) Handbook Launch

Date: 26 August 2020

Dr Margaret Moreton was engaged by AIDR as the author of this AIDR Handbook. Margaret is the keynote speaker at the online launch of this Handbook as part of Knowledge Week 2020. Margaret outlines the key elements of the handbook, provides an overview of its structure and shares the principles that underpin community engagement for disaster resilience. She also introduces the reader to core elements of the process and the approaches used when engaging for disaster resilience. Two members of the Handbook Working Group then share case studies that are featured in the Handbook, before all speakers discuss questions and issues posed by the audience.

Length: 54:08

Dr Margaret Moreton contributes to a panel presentation – Better Together: unified resilience of communities, organisations and infrastructure

Part of the Business Continuity Institute Australasia Summit 2020

Date: 29 July 2020

Dr Margaret Moreton joins colleagues Renae Hanvin (Corporate2Community) and Chris Quin (Resilient Projects) to present and discuss the need for a unified approach to building resilience before and after disasters and emergencies. Dr Moreton advocates for the central role of community resilience, and she and her colleagues discuss the necessity of a new approach that brings together the complementary areas of community, infrastructure and organisational resilience.  An online audience then pose questions during a Q and A session.

Length: 36:42

Ruth Wraith and Dr Margaret Moreton  – In Conversation

Part of the Australiasian Women in Emergencies Network (AWE) Conversation Series

Date: 18 June 2020

Dr Margaret Moreton has a conversation with Ruth Wraith where Ruth shares her reflections of a long and prestigious career in child and family trauma, mental health and emergency and disaster.  This conversation is delivered to an audience of women who work in a variety of roles in emergency management and disaster resilience.  It includes questions from the audience.  Enjoy a casual and relaxed conversation between these women who work in emergencies.

Length: 56:04

Phil Rist and Dr Margaret Moreton  – Chatting at AFAC 2018

Part of a promotional video for benefits of attending AFAC and the Australian Disaster Management Conference (Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience)

Date: 6-7 September 2018

Dr Margaret Moreton and Phil Rist (Executive Officer and Indigenous Elder, Girringun Aboriginal Corporation, Cardwell, Far North Queensland) presented at the 2018 AIDR conference. Phil and Margaret originally met as part of Margaret’s research into community recovery after Cyclone Yasi affected Phil’s community. Margaret and Phil talk about community recovery as part of a promotional video produced to share key presentations from the conference.

Length: 4:39