Margaret Moreton

Dr Margaret Moreton is the Principal of Leva Consulting

Dr Moreton established Leva Consulting in order to provide high quality, evidence-based services, advice and support to communities as they plan for or recover from extreme emergency events and other shocks and stresses. She easily translates and navigates between all levels of government, the NGO sector, local community groups and local community members.

Dr Moreton has extensive experience in community resilience and recovery policy, strategy, planning, implementation and review.  She is particularly committed to genuinely collaborative community engagement and capacity building.  Her approach is based on a sound combination of research, evidence and experience.

When working with communities, Dr Moreton builds on existing community strengths and assets, local connections and capacity.  She delivers long term, sustainable outcomes that are relevant to the community ‘on the ground’.  Dr Moreton is a trusted advisor for many communities and agencies in relation to community resilience and emergency preparation and recovery.

Mental Health First Aider
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