‘Big Weather and How to Survive it’ – ABC series (2020)

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The ABC has produced a fantastic introductory resource for anyone who wants to learn about big or extreme weather and how to survive it.  This three part series has been well put together and I’m delighted to see familiar faces being included and interviewed.  This has me wondering … What would it take to generate a sense of […]

Trauma and children (2019)

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Nicola Palfrey and her team at Emerging Minds have developed an outstanding resource for parents, teachers and others who want to understand how trauma (including the experience of natural disaster) affects children.  It is well worth looking at their website for more information.

Conversation Cards

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I am developing a number of sets of cards designed to start conversations                                between individuals and groups, raising awareness, enabling research, inspiring discussion and increasing knowledge and understanding.

These cards use  questions and images to trigger […]

Petrea King ~ Loss, Trauma and Grief

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Petrea King (Quest for Life) talks with the Queensland Rural Women’s Network about trauma, loss and grief.  She provides practical guidance about how these affect children, adults and communities and what we can do to ease the pain and difficulty, for ourselves and others.  This information takes the form of video discussion and interview.  These […]

A short talk from TED – online tools to help

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Ideas and information in support of my work, arrive regularly from friends.  People are beginning to learn that I’m doing this research.  They are keen to help and so they send me things that they notice.  I love that my friends do this – it is a personal demonstration of community support and resilience – […]

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