Further work with NSW communities – enhancing disaster preparedness and resilience

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Dr Moreton will again work with the Foundation of Rural and Regional Renewal in 2019.  We are continuing to support communities across NSW who have been participating in the FRRR pilot program to co-design an approach to developing disaster preparedness and resilience. Together with our partners, including the University of Sydney and the NSW Office […]

NSW Office of Small Business Commissioner (2019)

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Dr Moreton has been involved in two projects for the NSW Office of the Small Business Commissioner (OSBC) during 2018-2019, both supporting the small business sector across NSW.  These projects are elements of the ‘Get Ready NSW’ approach to emergencies. The first project included conducting research about the tools available across Australia and internationally, specifically designed to support small business […]

National Resilience Taskforce (2018)

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Dr Moreton was engaged during late 2018 to fulfil an editing role with the National Resilience Taskforce (the Taskforce) in Canberra.  The Taskforce was established in late 2017 and has been working with emergency and resilience experts from jurisdictions and sectors across Australia.   The Taskforce is developing key strategic documents and discussion papers designed to enhance our […]

National Disaster Resilience Program Evaluation (2018-19)

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Dr Moreton has accepted an invitation to join an Advisory Panel supporting the evaluation of the NDRP (NSW) 2013 – 2015.  Dr Moreton is one of a small number of emergency management subject matter experts providing support, advice and guidance to this evaluation.  Projects from across NSW that were funded through this program are being evaluated […]

Human Dimensions of Wild-land Fire – North Carolina, U.S. (2018)

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Dr Moreton travelled to North Carolina (U.S.) to speak at the Human Dimensions of Wild-land Fire Conference in December 2018. Dr Moreton’s session was titled “Community Engagement in (Crisis) Preparation and Recovery – an Australian Perspective” and outlined the framework that is in place in Australia: from the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (2011) and […]

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