Dr Moreton has been involved in two projects for the NSW Office of the Small Business Commissioner (OSBC) during 2018-2019, both supporting the small business sector across NSW.  These projects are elements of the ‘Get Ready NSW’ approach to emergencies. The first project included conducting research about the tools available across Australia and internationally, specifically designed to support small business following a crisis.  On the basis of this research, and including the collection of case studies from affected small businesses, Margaret worked with Chris Quinn of Resilient Projects (Qld).  Together this partnership developed a toolkit that will support small businesses to recover after they have experienced an emergency or a catastrophic event.  The toolkit is practical in focus and strongly reflects the experience of small businesses who have already been in this position.   This toolkit provided them with away of using what they have learned to support others in their preparation and recovery processes.  The second project involved Margaret providing advice and guidance to the finalisation of a Business Continuity Planning (BCP) template for the OSBC.  This BCP will complement the toolkit and provides another resource to support small businesses as they prepare for an emergency or catastrophic event.  It has been very satisfying to work on projects to support small business.