Ideas and information in support of my work, arrive regularly from friends.  People are beginning to learn that I’m doing this research.  They are keen to help and so they send me things that they notice.  I love that my friends do this – it is a personal demonstration of community support and resilience – support from my community of friends and family with a shared interest in community resilience.  If you’ve not come across TED before, it is well worth a look.  Interesting snippets and presentations from all sorts of people.  Today a friend sent me at link to a presentation about community resilience and how the community can be empowered with the right software and tools, to manage their long term recovery.  While the young women who speak are located in the USA and their disasters are tornadoes and so on, their thoughts are really applicable and I wonder if any community in Australia has a practical set of online or computer based tools such as the ones they have developed.