COVID 19 has locked us away from one another for most of 2020.  I’ve not seen my mother since February, my son and his partner since March, many family and friends for the entire year!  Who would have thought as 2020 dawned, that this year would unfold as it has.  I have managed to keep my health and my sanity.  I’ve tried some new skills.  I’ve been productive and creative.  Importantly for me I’ve managed to keep my business afloat.  I have had work.  That’s good.  I’ve also had time.  Time to think.  Time to walk.  Time to take stock.

My life is unrecognisable from just 3 or 4 years ago.  I’ve moved interstate.  I’ve left  my circle of friends and I’ve started a (successful) business.  I’ve begun to heal from the end of my marriage – after trying so hard to save it.  I’ve supported my mother as she has adjusted to living in Aged Care.  I’ve connected with (Victorian based) family and with communities across the country.  During lockdown I’ve now sold my home in Canberra.  I’ve made the move away from Canberra permanent.  Now I am watching the real estate market in Geelong.  I hope to settle here.

I’ve recently updated my Leva Consulting Website.  I’ve added some new features – browse while you are here.  Now I am thinking about the future and what new things I’d like to do.  I am looking foward to settling down in my own home.  I’m looking forward to seeing the end of COVID or at least of being physcially so isolated.  I’m looking foward to becoming a Grandma in 2021,

I am also looking forward to consolidating my place in the Disaster Resilience and Emergencies sector.  I’d like to collect some stories – stories from community leaders.  I’d like to profile those community leaders and advocate and promote the importance of community led approaches – to building resilience and dealing with emergencies.  I’d like to continue to learn from the people I work with, and add value to their lives.

I’d like to re-activate this blog.  If only for my own eyes… it will capture my progress and my next stages.  Here goes…..