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Our Community Cards

Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards
Our Community Cards

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Our Community Cards

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Our Community includes two separate sets of cards (2 x 50 = 100 cards):

  • Questions that help people prepare for emergencies, recover from a disaster, or strengthen resilience, and
  • Images to inspire a reflective and sometimes emotional response to disaster preparation, planning, response and recovery.

These cards assist individuals, families, communities, community organisations, schools and educators, consultants, non-government organisations, emergency services and all levels of government.

They enable you to:

  • Strengthen the resilience of a community,
  • Promote connection and understanding between people and groups in a community,
  • Promote and strengthen connection to place and history
  • Facilitate community preparation and planning for disasters and emergencies,
  • Produce a community emergency plan that has support across the community, and
  • Enhance community recovery when an emergency affects a community.

These cards are for you if:

  • You want community engagement to be interesting and fun,
  • You are not sure how to start the conversations that need to occur,
  • You don’t know how to include diverse groups in a safe, fun, inclusive and non-threatening way, or
  • You are particularly uncertain about how to have difficult conversations, and you don’t want to ‘do the wrong thing’.

These cards reflect the experience of community members who have survived a crisis. They are also based on evidence and findings from contemporary research, and reflect research conducted by Dr Margaret Moreton while at the Australian National University (ANU).

The cards will focus on and strengthen key elements important to a strong community recovery,

  • Community leadership,
  • Social and community connections,
  • Connection to history and place,
  • Personal and household resilience,
  • The ability to act,
  • Knowledge and wisdom, and
  • The ability to address challenges and opportunities.

They also reflect the lives and concerns of a range of people, groups and communities; including rural communities, Indigenous Australians, migrants, children, the aged, young people, farmers and small businesses.

Finally, the cards provide practical support for community-led emergency planning and recovery, in line with Australia’s National Principles for Disaster Recovery.

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Product (Quantity) Price Postage
Single sets (each including both Questions and Images) $69.90 AUD (each set) Australia Post’s online calculator will include rates

Dr Moreton can provide training to support the most effective use of these cards. To make contact with Dr Moreton to organise such training, use the form below

To share your story about using the cards, to provide any comments and/or to suggest additional images or questions use the form below.

Leva Resources would like to thank everyone who provided feedback about these cards during their development. Community members, emergency services personnel, community service organisations, secondary school teachers and students, and disaster resilience experts have ‘tested’ these cards and suggested enhancements.

We appreciate the time and contributions of everyone who participated in focus groups, meetings and discussions. Your contribution assisted the process of refining and strengthening this resource.

We wish everyone the best as you use these cards. Don’t hesitate to be in touch with us if you’d like our support to use them cards and to implement a successful community engagement and disaster planning or recovery process.

Download Large Print Instructions for the Images Set here

Download Large Print Instructions for the Questions Set here

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