Stories of Resilience

Through our work we hear stories of individual and community disaster resilience.  With your help, we hope to collect and share these stories through our work with communities, through presentations, through our website, through other social media and in a variety of digital and even physical publications.

We want to provide a way for you to share your stories of community resilience across Australia to inspire and assist other communities, as we all face an increasing number and range of intense emergencies and crises.

We invite you to share your particular story with us.  In particular we want you to share a story that illustrates something you learned through your experience that might help another person, family, group, business, or community if they experience an emergency in the future.

Your story might be in the form of a video link, it may be written, and you may like to include photographs to illustrate your experience.

Your story may be about how you prepared before an emergency event and how that preparation made the difference for you and your family.  It may be about how you protected your family or how you helped your community to recovery after an emergency event.  You may want to share an example or story that illustrates your community recovery and the resilience of your community.  If you have purchased our ‘Our Community’ product, we invite you to share how this resource has assisted you in your emergency planning or recovery process.

Stories may be about small personal encounters or experiences, or large community wide events.  Each story is valuable and can benefit others if shared.

You may be a community member, a volunteer, a teacher, a police officer, a GP or a nurse, an emergency services worker or an artist.  You may own a small business, a home, a farm or a fishing boat.  You may rent in the community in which you live.  You may have grown up there or have come from far away.  You may provide community services for children, young people, adults or families in your community.

Each story will be reviewed.  We may not be able to publish every story immediately.  We will prioritise those stories that offer hope, create understanding or include ideas that could be particularly useful to other communities.  We will get in touch with you if we need to get more information about your story.

I hope that some of you will be willing to share your stories with Leva Consulting, so that we may share your experience.  Whoever you are and whatever your story, we invite you to share it here.

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