I have just left the Lockyer Valley after almost 3 weeks living in the valley and meeting residents.  I have conducted almost 30 interviews with residents who agreed to participate in my research.  I am grateful to those who formally participated and to others who met with me informally – these residents shared their experience, their perspective, and a myriad of useful contacts across the valley.  I could have stayed in the valley for weeks meeting people and continuing to gather information – such is the generosity of the residents there.

As a result of spending time with residents, I have learned a great deal about community recovery and resilience, after the floods of 2011, 2013 and a fire in 2012 (which I did not previously know about).

I now feel a strong sense of gratitude and responsibility towards those of you who demonstrated such openness and trust in me.  I thank you for your hospitality, your confidence and above all your willingness to share your experiences since the floods (with all those ups and downs along the way).